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Image of Gemstone SS Bar - Neutrals

Gemstone SS Bar - Neutrals

$14.56 USD - $20.68 USD

Welcome to something new from Wonderment Jewelry! I called this section neutrals but they have a bit of yellow and orange, and one of the favorites - moonstone. The moonstone has a bit of whitish and almost pinkish hue with a bit of gray.

(114) Crazy Lace Agate - 2 1/4 inches
(115) Yellow Moss Agate - 2 1/4 inches
(119) Yellow Jade - 2 inches
(126) Moonstone - 2 1/4 inches
(128) Red Aventurine - 2 1/2 inches

Some items shown may no longer be available.

Measurements are approximate. These are made with 6mm gemstone beads and 20 gauge sterling silver wire. Chain sold separately. These are made to hook onto a Mama Metal chain with 2 clasps but they are not intended to be used as Mama Metal.

Don't like the curve of your Gemstone bar? It is not recommended to bend back and forth as that could cause a weak spot that might break. However, it is okay to gently bend it into a more desired curve or to make it more straight depending on the look you prefer.

All Wonderment centerpieces are individually handcrafted by me in my home studio in Leander, Texas. Wonderment Jewelry is designed with curious little fingers in mind. However, this new line of gemstone necklaces and bars, although strong, are not intended to be played with by children or to hold up to tugging like Mama Metal.

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