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About WJ

Wonderment Jewelry is handcrafted jewelry designed with curious little fingers in mind.

This silver jewelry has become known as Mama Metal because it is beautiful for mamas to wear, plus safe and strong for babies to tug and fiddle with.  Mama Metal has become especially desirable to those who babywear and breastfeed.  It creates a nice distraction and is often used when comforting or rocking a child to sleep.

I wish I knew about babywearing with my older children, but unfortunately, it was with my third and last child that I have discovered this joy.  Along with my love of babywearing my youngest has come a love for wearing something pretty around my neck that she can fiddle with.  One day I got an idea to learn the craft of making these hammered silver pieces and Wonderment Jewelry was born.

My pieces are made of Argentium silver purchased from a reputable American company.  Argentium silver is a modern silver alloy similar to sterling silver, except that a portion of the copper has been replaced with the metalloid germanium which makes it more tarnish resistant.  Each link is fused using no chemicals, hammered and textured to my satisfaction, then tumbled and polished.  As with any handcrafted item, no two pieces can be exactly alike and each have their own characteristic beauty marks.  All pieces are made in the USA and safe for babies to touch and tug.  Even though these silver pieces are safe for babies, they are made for mamas to wear and should only be played with under adult supervision.  I also caution you when allowing your baby to teeth on the jewelry.  It is metal, after all, and I do not recommend allowing your baby to bite the jewelry.  I hope that you will enjoy your Wonderment Jewelry long after your children are babies!

But what if you're not a mom or your babies are already grown?  That's okay - this durable, beautiful silver jewelry can be enjoyed by all!

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Alicia Donoghue, Owner & Artisan

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