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Wonderment Jewelry, as well as most other Mama Metal, is made of silver. Some use sterling, some fine silver - Wonderment centerpieces are made of Argentium silver. I chose this type of silver because it is very strong, is easily fused and because some of the copper is replaced by the metalloid germanium, so it is more tarnish resistant than sterling silver. The chains that I sell at this time are made of traditional sterling silver (92.5% silver/7.5% copper).

The thing about silver is that it will eventually tarnish. That's a fact. Tarnish is caused by a chemical reaction. Many times there's a reaction with our body chemistry and pH levels, that's why some people experience tarnish quicker than others. It can also be caused by the environment, sulfur being one of the most offending elements as well as others.

There are several things that you can do to help delay or reverse the signs of tarnish on your silver pieces.
1 - Wear it. Unless your body is the culprit, the silver will tarnish less if it's worn than if it sits in your jewelry box. Brushing against your clothes polishes it as you wear it.
2 - Wash regularly with Dawn soap and water. Argentium, especially, shines up really well with just a good washing as long as you haven't let the tarnish set in, so to say.
3 - If you do experience tarnish, especially on the regular sterling silver, invest in some polishing cloths or silver cleaner. Some popular polishing cloths are Sunshine cloths and Pro Polishing Pads. Some of the recommended cleaners include Tarn-x and Hagerty Silver Foam. When using a cleaner, I suggest washing with soap and water after since your baby will be touching your jewelry.
4 - Another trick for cleaning your silver jewelry is also a fun science experiment.  Take a piece of aluminum foil and place it in the bottom of a glass dish.  Add your silver jewelry and a tablespoon of baking soda.  Now add a cup of boiling water.  Step back because the smell of sulfur will be very strong.  You can use a fork to stir around and make sure the silver comes in full contact with the aluminum.  Upon removing the silver, you should see that the tarnish has transferred to the aluminum.  Just be careful, the silver will probably be warm.  I like to wash afterwards.  Use this method on full silver pieces only, not gemstones.

Many people find that toothpaste and baking soda are also good silver cleaners. I caution you about using these because they can be abrasive and scratch your silver and over time could cause pitting.

I hope this helps in your enjoyment of not only Wonderment Jewelry but other Mama Metal for many years to come.

If you should purchase a beaded chain, it is recommended that you do not get it wet as they are prone to stretching. The beautiful beaded chains that I am offering were made by the talented Liz Wagner of Amber Dreams Jewelry. Visit her shop!

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