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Family Charm Sets

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  • Image of Family Charm Sets
  • Image of Family Charm Sets

These Family Charm Sets debuted for Black Friday 2017 in the Chatter group on Facebook. They are perfect for a mama looking for her first Mama Metal as well as adding to a collection. It's a sweet simple centerpiece by itself or use a circle connector to attach to another set of links. The links of this centerpiece are handcrafted of 14 gauge Argentium silver. Dangles are 16 gauge.

Choose from the ready to ship centerpieces in the drop down menu or order a custom one that represents the loved ones in your life.

When ordering a custom, choose from the following shapes for the two parent links: Circle, Hexagon, Heart, Drop, Square, Triangle, Oval, Egg, Diamond. You may choose for both links to be the same size or for one to be larger than the other. Next, choose mini dangles for one of your parent links: circle, heart, drop, star, triangle, square, etc. The dangles will be put on the smaller link (if you chose two sized links) unless you indicate otherwise. Feel free to divide the dangles, just please be specific on instructions. I realize not all families have two parents, so please contact me if you would like to customize to better represent the ones you love. Please allow at least 1 week turnaround time for custom orders.

Ready to ship:
A - Hexagons with Hearts - SOLD
B - Circles with 2 Circles - Two 3/4 inch Circles with 2 Circle dangles
C - Squares with Drops - SOLD
D - Circles with 4 Circles - Two 3/4 inch Circles with 4 Circle dangles
E - Circle/Square with Triangles - Circle is just over 1 inch, Square is 3/4 inch, 4 Triangle dangles
F - Hearts with Circles - SOLD
G - Triangles with Hearts - SOLD
H - Circles with Hearts - SOLD
I - Same Size Circles with Hearts - SOLD

Chain not included, but you can buy a discounted sterling silver rolo chain with double clasps on this listing with the purchase of your Family Charm Set. Specify length at time of checkout. If no length is indicated, an 18 inch chain will be sent.

All Wonderment centerpieces are individually handcrafted by me in my home studio. At this time I am working with Argentium silver, which is fused in most cases. Wonderment Jewelry is designed with curious little fingers in mind. However, this jewelry is intended to be worn by adults and should only be fiddled with and played with by babies and children under the direct supervision of an adult.