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Linked by Love for a Cause


Image of Linked by Love for a Cause

Many of us hold a cause close to our hearts, something that has affected our lives. Mama Metal is often an outlet for mamas who want to show their love and passion for something, so a support piece is a popular choice.

The Linked by Love centerpiece was introduced in the Wonderment Chatter group in May 2017 and was named by the group. All Linked by Love centerpieces to date have been offered exclusively in the chatter group, or by resale by those who have purchased or won them in giveaways.

This variation includes a support ribbon. The circles are a generous 1 inch and are usually hammered flatter than usual, and include a dangling heart. It is handcrafted of 14 gauge Argentium silver.

Don't forget to order a chain so you can enjoy your Wonderment Jewelry right away.

All Wonderment centerpieces are individually handcrafted by me in my home studio. At this time I am working with Argentium silver, which is fused in most cases. Wonderment Jewelry is designed with curious little fingers in mind. However, this jewelry is intended to be worn by adults and should only be fiddled with and played with by babies and children under the direct supervision of an adult.