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X-Small Rose 2


Image of X-Small Rose 2
  • Image of X-Small Rose 2
  • Image of X-Small Rose 2

Wonderment Roses have become some of my favorite centerpieces. They are 3D in design and have a bit more weight to them than many of the other Wonderment pieces. Because they are 3D in design, this is a one sided piece meaning you wouldn't want it to hang with the back side out because it's not as pretty. It is my own experience that it does not flip to the wrong side easily.

Although I have made many roses, they have all been slightly different whether it's the swirl leaf attached or the center of the rose that has a unique swirl design or the texturing done. Previously there have been two different roses available - large and small. This sizing refers to the size of the circles used on the rose, not necessarily the overall length of the piece. The large roses start with 3/4 inch circles and the roses marked small start with 5/8 circles.

Introducing the X-Small Rose, which begins with 1/2 inch circles to make the main part of the flower. This is a great choice for someone looking for a more petite version. This centerpiece is handcrafted entirely of 14 gauge Argentium silver and measures approximately 2.75 inches across.

Don't forget to order a chain so you can enjoy your Wonderment Jewelry right away!

All Wonderment centerpieces are individually handcrafted by me in my home studio. At this time I am working with Argentium silver, which is fused in most cases. Wonderment Jewelry is designed with curious little fingers in mind. However, this jewelry is intended only to be worn by adults and should only be fiddled with and played with by babies and children under the direct supervision of an adult.